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Our Team

The Schmitz Mittz Team is working to serve you better!  Try our NEW dedicated customer service email and get answers to your questions. 

Randy Schmitz

President, Product Design & Development

As president of Schmitz Mittz and inventor of the Schmitz Mittz extrication glove, and co-inventor of our Oil & Gas Glove, Randy bring's over 23 years of experience in the vehicle extrication end of fire-fighting and is one of the most sought after vehicle extrication instructors in the world.

Randy's achievements include:
  • Chairmen For the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association
  • Chairman for the 2010 North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge
  • T.E.R.C International Extrication Judge for Canada, USA, U.K.
  • Instructor of Extrication courses across Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Instructor and course developer for Big Rig  H.O.T. Symposium
  • Competed in all levels of competition including Regional, International and World Challenges
Randy in the field of extrication:
  • Tester and evaluator for manufactured prototype products for extrication equipment.
  • Writes extrication related training articles for Canadian Firefighter, Firefighting in Canada, Fire Engineering
  •  Content developer for “Action Training Systems (3 Part Vehicle Extrication DVD series - 2012)
  • Filmed “Hybrid Extrication” for Discovery Channel Network
  • Presenter at FDIC 2012 - 2014

Robert Stevenson

Vice President, Marketing & Manufacturing

Robert (Rob) Stevenson, is a retired District Chief, having worked 6 years in that position, with alternate duties as Acting Battalion Chief, for a total with the Calgary Fire Department of 37 1/2 years. He brings with him a wealth of “Safety “ knowledge, Supervisory, and Management skills, having supervised up to 275 fire personnel, in Fire Ground Command, and everyday operational needs.

He is responsible for our marketing & manufacturing, and liaison with our overseas manufacturer, all research & development and design changes.


Peter Tse

International Liaison

Peter is on board with Schmitz Mittz as our international liaison, and interpreter, with fluency in Cantonese, and 165 dialects of Mandarin. Peter also assist in glove design, manufacturing, and quality control of materials.
Based out of Hong Kong, Peter has depth, and experience in business, manufacturing, travel and is a resource in helping navigate China`s political inner workings.  He monitors our manufacturing processes put in place to ensure that our products are made to the highest standards. He is in charge of the inspection of products, and shipments to Canada, and other international destinations.
Peter is a respected restauranteur, and Calgary business man with over 30 years of experience in industry.