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Creating the Gloves

We care about our gloves, both in the way that they function and in the way that they're made. Each quarter, we meet with our factories overseas. We ensure that the quality of the products meets our strict guidelines for safety, and that the facilities they're produced in are safe, clean, and free from child labour. We believe that doing something worth dong means doing it right, in all aspects.

You should never have to question whether or not your safety gloves are going to work in the event of an emergency, or if they'll protect you from all the things they're supposed to. That's why with ours, you don't have to. Each and every glove is hand-tested to ensure that it is completely waterproof, and to guarantee its ability to provide protection from blood-borne disease. In this video, you see how our gloves liquid seal is tested. Using our hipora vapor barrier insert, we can provide 100% blood-borne protection.

Once we've put our gloves through the ringer to guarantee they are both produced properly and operate the way we promise they will, we then package and ship them to various distributors worldwide. Make no mistake, our gloves are the real deal, and we guarantee that once the pair reaches its final destination it will deliver. Why not try them today?